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Journal: Modern Casting V 96 N 2 P 41-44, Mar 2006 (4 p)
Author: Robison, S; Santner, J; AFS Research Board

This article details three research projects conducted by the AFS Thin Wall Iron Group, Magnesium Div, and Melting Methods and Materials Div that provide metalcasters with practical information to maintain competitiveness. The research was funded by industry, AFS and various governmental agencies. Project 1 describes an investigation into four major factors thought to influence dimensional control of gray iron castings, which in turn affects the ability to produce thin-walled gray iron castings. Project 2 describes the effort to produce a magnesium front engine cradle for the 2006 Corvette, resulting in a 35% weight savings from the current production method. Project 3 describes the melt loss, including total yield and alloy loss under various induction melting conditions.

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