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Journal: Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 59 P 332-335, 1951 (4 p)
Author: Schroeder, R W

What does industry expect from the trade and high schools? What do the schools expect from industry? Answers to these questions will greatly aid in development of foundry courses. The pattern shop should also be considered since the two are insepar able. Not knowing exactly what industry expects, the schools develop a "tide program" one that rises and falls with the interest of the individual instructor. helped or hindered by the type of support received from industry. The following story will illustrate the point. A foundryman told the writer that his son was to enter a certain school and that he took time off to visit the foundry teacher, wishing to see the equip ment and the course of study. This plant owner was incensed over the fact that the instructor had other duties and did not have time to spend with him in the school foundry. He remarked, "Imagine a found ry instructor having to help coach the team." After questioning he informed the writer that that was his first visit to the school.

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