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Journal: AFS Transactions 1971 p. 25-30
Author: S. Floreen

A new cast maraging stainless steel composition strengthened with silicon was developed. Nominal composition is 9% Ni--11.5% Cr--2.0% Si--0.05% Al--0.05% Ti. The alloy is heat treated by solution annealing one hour at 1900 F (1038 C) and maraging 3 hours at 850 F (454.4C) Nominal yield strength of the alloy is 155 ksi, Charpy V-Notch impact strength is 50 ft-lb. Atmospheric corrosion resistance is superior to Type 410 stainless steel. The alloy can be air melted. Fluidity, pattern shrinkage, casting soundness and freedom from segregation in heats up to 200 lb all appeared satisfactory. Each heat was cast into two dry sand molds: a double keel block. Each leg of the keel block measured one in/by seven in. by 1/12/ in. high. A larger casting was poured as a single keel block whose leg measured 2 x 13 1/4 x 8 3/4 in. high. All heats were poured at 2850 F (1565.6C). Alloys with lower nickel-plus-chromium contents had much poorer toughness. Alloys containing 8-10% ni and 10-12% Cr, on the other hand, had quite good properties. These alloys typically had yield strengths on the order of 150 ski and Charpy impact energy values of 56 ft-lb. It is noteworthy that while the lower silicon contents gave lower strengths, on the order of 130 ski, the Charpy Impact energy values were on the order of 100 ft-lb.

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