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Journal: Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 68 P 756-764, 1960 (9 p)
Author: Van Voris, F E and Crane, J

The rapid rise of basic oxygen steelmaking in the wrought steel industry has led to an analysis of its possible future in the steel foundry. While this process has made a wide range of carbon and low-alloy wrought steels, it has not yet been used for steel castings. Operating, metallurgical and estimated cost comparisons have been made for a basic cupola oxygen furnace shop vs. an arc furnace installation. Here, costs, operating and metallurgical flexibility are in favor of the arc furnace, but an oxygen furnace installation may offer interesting possibilities. Of necessity, this study was limited, so that further analyses on a specific basis is indicated. The final answers as to the practicality of oxygen steelmaking for castings remains with the steel foundry operators.

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