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Journal: Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 67 P 705-714, 1959 (10 p)
Author: Krause, D E

Chemical analysis data, reported by more than 30 laboratories for 40 samples of cast iron over a period of 15 years, indicate that limits for accuracy and reproducibility are greater than commonly assumed. Good reproducibility of analyses by a laboratory does not necessarily imply good accuracy. Accuracy of analysis can be best determined by submitting the same sample of iron to at least six laboratories for analysis. The range for reported analyses from a large group of laboratories will be about three times as great as that obtained by one laboratory for the same sample of iron. The existence of this somewhat broad range for reported analysis of cast iron in the literature must be recognized when evaluating the relationship of chemical composition of cast iron to its mechanical and physical properties. Causes for some of the variations in accuracy of analyses are explained.

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