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Journal: Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 63 P 306-312, 1955 (7 p)
Author: Jones, B

Casting finish is becoming in creasingly important. New processes such as shell molding, D process, and investment casting have been developed with one of their features being good finish. Over the years, various means have been used to improve the surface finish of green sand castings. Today a variety of additives is being used in molding sands in an attempt to minimize cleaning costs, eliminate or reduce machining operations, or improve appearance. The trend in sand seems to be toward finer sands with a specified number of screens. Several years ago, a series of test castings was made using sands from the various molding units in the plant. Some production sands produced expansion defects on the test casting though they could produce a satisfactory finish on the size and weight of jobs on the molding units in which they were used. A test pattern 12 in. square and varying from 5/8 to 2 in. thick was used. The pat tern was made of plywood and the thickness was increased by adding more pieces of wood. Castings were made to compare the molding sand mixes, pouring times, and iron temperatures.

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