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Journal: AFS Transactions 1969, p. 198-204 Modern Casting (Oct. 1969),
Author: M. J. Nolan

The feasibility of repair welding of copper alloy castings is considered from the standpoints of economy and practicality. Welding processes are discussed and the preferred method of welding determined as being either of the 2 inert-gas shielded arc processes. Copper casting alloys are divided into 6 classes based on major alloying elements. These classes are silicon bronze, aluminum bronze, tin, bronze, and gunmetals, brasses, cupro-nickel and nickel silver. Some classes are further divided into subgroups which relate to the metallurgical structure and have important effects on weldability. The author discusses his own experience with the welding of tin bronze and gunmetal alloys and the development of a filler wire that deposited pore-free welds of good strength using the metal inert-gas process. The welding of other classes of alloys is reported on the basis of research conducted by leading authorities in several countries, including a unique development by Russian researchers. It is concluded that repair by welding of copper alloy castings is economically feasible depending upon the nature of the alloys, the design of the casting and the condition of the metal in the repair area.

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