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Journal: Modern Casting (June 1972), p. 43

With a 10 question and answer format this one page article states that OSHA protects an employee who files a complaint, allows an employer to protest and inspection, allows employer to enforce compliance with safety regulations. To date OSHA inspectors conducted a total of 13,317 inspections in 12,176 establishments employing more than 2.3 million workers. Inspectors found 34,690 violations of job safety and health standards, issued 9179 citations and proposed $725,169 in penalties. Air pollution control expenditures are allowable costs for purposes in increasing prices under the Economic Stabilization Regulations? Federal regulations make 90 dBA the maximum sound level for an operator in one location to a noise producing machine for 8 hr. some typical noise levels are: air compressor--92, punch press--100, positive displacement blower-- 107, hard rock music--110, jet passing overhead--115, jack hammer--120.

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