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Journal: Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Society V 58 P 69-75, 1950
Author: Bonsack, W

Casting alloys of aluminum are used in ever increasing amounts. This increase is due to several factors. With time the structural and economic value of this metal has been more and more recognized, and more engineers and foundrymen have become acquainted with the metal. But also, the introduction of newer alloys and the evolution which older alloys have gone through made the metal easier to handle iti the foundry. The expansion of the use of aluminum in die casting is a typical example. Aluminum alloys are cast mainly in sand, permanent mold and die cast ing, but increasing quantities are being consumed by other casting processes such as plaster molding, centrifugal and investment molding. Early American alloys were like the European, the aluminum-zinc-copper alloys. However, since these alloys are inherently hot short they soon lost their standing in favor of the aluminum-copper alloys.

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