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Journal: AFS Canadian Regional Conference, Oct. 1969, Canadian Metalworking/Machine Production--June, 1969, p. 11-18
Author: J. G. Dick

This extensive paper, to use a modern cliche, tells it like it is by investigating numerous phases of the metal casting industry. For example, it shows how metal casting is feeling the pinch of competitive materials and processes. It points out how metal casters have left themselves vulnerable to competitive processes by not paying the attention to product quality and reliability required to meet the demands of today's markets. It further points out in detail that although the technology to upgrade standard areas of foundry operation has become available in recent years, it is still begging for application. It shows examples of how many jobbing metal casters could use some of the techniques used in the captive operations. It points out examples of how a general overhaul of processes is needed along with a program to educate industrial designers to the advantages and limitations inherent in castings could do much to promote their use. It further discusses a variety of new processes suitable for use in the large and small company. These processes discussed range from melting through molding, coremaking, pouring, shakeout and cleaning. Production control as to metals and sand are discussed in detail and it is pointed out that the size of the company does not have to be a limiting factor in its use.

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