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Journal: Modern Casting (August 1969) p. 63-65
Author: H. L. Jensen

The article discusses a new foundry that uses the latest and most modern of automatic casting capabilities and techniques. Charge makeup accuracy is the important step toward quality metal. two terms used are "tare" and "clear". In this electronic system, "tare" sets the system readout to a reference ZERO. "Clear" is an incremental ZERO that allows the system to display and work toward the desired weight of each material. At the control panel, the melter presets the desired weight and loading tolerance in the charge makeup. If one or more of the six materials this system can handle will not be used in a charge, its control can be bypassed with a use/skip switch. After the charge requirements are set into the control panel, the melter presses the charge start button. This causes the system to tare the loading platform selected, and retare after the crane operator sets the charging bucket on it, after first printing the bucket's weight. The system then steps to the first material. The scoreboard automatically displays the material number and its desired weight preceded by a minus sign. As the crane operator loads the charging bucket, the scoreboard display decreases toward zero. The display always shows the amount of material short (minus) or over (plus) the desired weight.

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