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Journal: Modern Casting V 95 N 10 P 36-38, Oct 2005 (5 p)
Author: Strohbehn, P; Murdock, A

As environmental and health standards increase for the U.S. metalcasting industry, two facilities established methods to improve their in-plant air quality. The approaches used by Seneca Foundry Inc., Webster City, Iowa and Rochester Metal Products Corp., Rochester, Indiana are carefully described in the article. Seneca had targeted improving air quality since the mid-90s. by installing a bag house system for its two 2-ton induction furnaces. However the fume capture hood was too far away from the open furnace. The bonnet and pickup box on top of the furnace is described and pictures are included along with a description of the air makeup system for the melt deck. Rochester needed to improve its fume capture on the melt deck and utilized a push-pull ventilation approach to move the fumes to the ôpullö side of the capture system. Both systems are thoroughly described in the article.

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