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Journal: Modern Casting V 96 N 3 P 40-44, Mar 2006 (5 p)
Author: AFS Research board, Robison, S, Santner, J

This article describes three AFS research projects that provide practical information for metalcasters to remain on the cusp of technological advancement. These general description of these projects are (1) dimensional tolerance challenge, (2) magnesium in automotive applications and (3) melting methods and materials. The first project was designed to provide dimensional capability information of iron castings. The second project investigated the creep resistance of a magnesium alloy, AE4. The alloy was evaluated by bolt load retention testing. Corrosion resistance was also evaluated. A magnesium engine cradle for the ZO6 Corvette was successfully produced in this alloy. The final project described in the article evaluated silicon recovery under a variety of induction melting conditions.

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