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Journal: Modern Casting V 95 N 9 P 26-29, Sep 2005 (4 p)
Author: Weiss, D; Robison, S T

Reduced weight is a key term throughout the automotive industry. A number of firms currently are investigating means to make magnesium alloys more heat-resistant, but these efforts are primarily directed toward the sand and diecasting processes. If successful, the development of magnesium alloys for casting via semi-permanent molding will mean wonders to the automotive. The Magnesium Low Pressure Development Project was created to seek ways to improve these technologies by converting an existing cast aluminum front cradle for a Chevrolet Corvette to a cast magnesium component. The article describes the methodology used to successfully produce the component in a magnesium alloy. The cover gas used in this project was a new formula that provided an environmentally safe alternative to the traditional SF6 cover gas.

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