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Journal: Modern Casting V 95 N 10 P 39-43, Oct 2005 (5 p)
Author: Hryn, J; AFS Magnesium Div; Jereza, K; Brindle, R; Williams, G; Chappell, J

Magnesium casting is in an enviable position to enter new and growing markets. In 2004, the U.S. magnesium casting industry culminated ten years of remarkable growth by shipping nearly 100,000 tons of castings to a wide range of markets including automotive, aerospace, power tools and sporting goods. But a course of action must be outlined to reach optimal growth. A road map of research needs are outlined in the article and these needs are broken into (1) near-term(2005-2010), (2) mid-term (2010-2013) and (3) long-term (2013 and beyond). In order to reach new markets an atlas of properties is needed. The article thoroughly describes the action needed and also provides photographs of cast magnesium components, including an investment-cast telescopic trailer tow mirror mount.

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