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Journal: Modern Casting V 96 N 3 P 40-44, Mar 2006 (5 p)
Author: AFS Research Board, Robison, S; Santner, J

This article describes three research projects by the AFS Thin Wall Iron Group, Magnesium Div and Melting Methods and materials Div. that provide practical information for metalcasters to remain on the cusp of technological advancement. The goal, approach and results for each project are described. The goal of the first project was to develop dimensional data as a function of four principal green sand casting parameters. The goal of the second project was to evaluate a new high temperature magnesium alloy, AE4, with regard to bolt load retention. This alloy would be used for a magnesium engine cradle. The goal of the third project was to develop silicon recovery data when induction melting under a variety of conditions

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