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Design and Deposition of Corrosion Protective Supersaturated Magnesium Alloy Systems by PVD Processes

Journal: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Light Metals Technology Sept 24-26 2007 Quebec, Canada P135-139
Author: C. Blawert, V. Heitmann, W. Dietzel, M. Störmer, Y. Bohne, J. Gerlach, D. Manova, S. Mändl

PVD techniques such as magnetron and ion beam sputtering as well as vacuum arc deposition are able to produce supersaturated precipitation free and microcrystalline magnesium layers due to the high cooling rates of the film forming particles upon arrival at the substrate surface. These layers are highly textured and have corrosion properties that make them possible candidates for cathodic corrosion protection of conventional magnesium alloy components. Possible design of new magnesium based alloys and for tailoring corrosion properties will be discussed.

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