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Use of Laser and Friction Stir Welding for Aerospace Magnesium Alloys

Journal: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Light Metals Technology Sept 24-26 2007 Quebec, Canada P158-163
Author: X. Cao, M. Jahazi

High energy-density laser and solid-state friction stir welding (FSW) have been identified as promising joining techniques for magnesium alloys since they can reduce or eliminate some typical defects such as underfill, sag, loss of alloying elements, pores, cracks, residual stresses and distortion encountered in conventional arc welding. At the NRC Institute for Aerospace Research, an extensive R&D program on laser welding and friction stir welding of aerospace magnesium alloys has been undertaken. These investigations have concentrated mainly on process window optimization as well as understanding the fundamental process-structure-property relationships to reliably produce high quality welded joints. The research progresses made and the main issues encountered in laser welding and FSW of some aerospace magnesium alloys will be briefly summarized in this work. The reliability and reproducibility of the welding processes are also addressed.

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