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Journal: Engineering Casting Solutions V7 N 5 P 29-33, July 2005 (5 p)
Author: Weiss, D; Robison, S T

Reduced weight is a key term throughout the automotive industry. Currently, magnesium alloys are used for diecast automotive components, such as seat frames, instrument panels and steering wheels. However, there are potential applications such as engine and structural components that cannot be readily die cast. Processes such as lost-pressure permanent mold (LPPM) alloy for magnesium in applications that are not currently feasible. This article discusses the first phase of a project to develop a cast magnesium alloy engine cradle for a Chevrolet Corvette. Several magnesium alloys, such as AM50, MRI 202S-T6 and AZ91 are discussed for this application. Problems associated with casting this cradle are reviewed and pictures of these efforts are shown in the article.

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